Colorado High Court Says Workers Can Be Fired for Off-Duty Marijuana Use

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday that employers can lawfully fire workers for using marijuana outside of work hours, even though the drug is legal in the state, upholding two lower court decisions on the issue. The case, which involved a quadriplegic man who lost his job at Dish Network LLC after testing positive for marijuana in violation of company policy, had been closely watched around the country—especially in states where medical marijuana use is now legal.

Judge orders marijuana plant quarantine to continue

On March 25, the Denver Department of Environmental Health found evidence that plants at six locations had been contaminated by pesticides which are not approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. The businesses involved cannot sell the marijuana which has been placed on hold. Grower Organic Greens Inc. asked Denver Court Judge John Madden to allow the marijuana to be cultivated. The debate centered over the use of a fungicide known as Eagle 20. The health department found logs at cultivation sites that show Eagle 20 was being used.

Colorado lawmakers approve medical marijuana for students in school

The change in the law was sought to let schoolchildren in Colorado who are living with conditions like epilepsy, cerebral palsy and seizures take doses of low-THC medical marijuana. While marijuana possession and use is legal in Colorado, schools are still drug-free zones — but bill supporters argued medical marijuana should be treated no differently than other medications.