Marijuana wins big on election night

Voters in California, Massachusetts and Nevada approved recreational marijuana initiatives Tuesday night, and several other states passed medical marijuana provisions, in what is turning out to be the biggest electoral victory for marijuana reform since 2012, when Colorado and Washington first approved the drug’s recreational use.

Marijuana Lights Up State Ballots

People in nine states, including California, Florida and Massachusetts, will vote Nov. 8 on ballot proposals permitting recreational or medical use of marijuana. These initiatives could give a big push to legalization, prompting the next president and Congress to overhaul the country’s failed drug laws.

Cloverdale may rethink its ban on marijuana dispensaries

Cloverdale is reconsidering its ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in light of what the city manager describes as a “potential new political dynamic regarding marijuana.”

With predictions that California, like a growing number of states, will approve the recreational use of marijuana next year, Cloverdale City Council members on Wednesday are expected to establish an ad hoc committee to potentially revamp city policies about cannabis.

Feinstein facing pressure over marijuana reform

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is facing pressure to back reforms to marijuana laws from advocates in her home state. Feinstein has staked out a position as one of the few congressional Democrats still opposed to many aspects of federal marijuana reform. But marijuana advocates are urging Feinstein to change her stance. They’ll deliver a petition signed by more than 10,000 people to her San Francisco office on Tuesday.