Drug War Clock

How much is spent arresting non-violent cannabis users?
How much is spent arresting all drug users on a state and federal level?

Here is a calculator from DrugSense.org:


  1. This is idiotic. Cannibis is BARELY a drug at all. Its no different than using alcohol or smoking ciggerates, if not better. Stop spending money on dumb things like this and pay attention to families who have little to no income, disabled parents, stopping alcoholism, etc. !!

  2. The war on cannabis needs to end, there’s so many resources wasted that could be better spent on things like education or public infrastructure.

  3. Hi. My name is Alicia Ross. I live in the wonderful state of Colorado. I’ve been here over 20 yrs and don’t plan on leaving.  I do enjoy partaking in the recreational marijuana we have available here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A friend of mine, Dawn Darrow, could really use some help right now. She is a resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado as well. Now she’s not a “pothead” like the rest of us but she definitely is not a CALM supporter. She had planned a vacation down in Florida for about a week and was very excited about it. She left over a month ago and has not been seen since. She was gone a couple

    days when we started getting calls from a county jail in Denton County, TX. It took us awhile to answer it because we didn’t know anyone down there and we weren’t familiar with the route she was taking. Once we answered we realized it was Dawn. She had been arrested. Apparently there was a marijuana infused lip balm in the vehicle. Her friend, a disabled veteran, was the driver and to keep him from getting into trouble she took the blame for it and was charged with possession of a controlled substance class 2. Now the lip balm was in a container no bigger than her palm but when weighed out it was almost 400 grams. So she is technically being held for 400 grams of a controlled substance. She is in as much trouble as someone would be if they had 400 grams of heroin on them. We called a bondsman down there and they told us without a Denton County address they will not help. We called a bondsman here in Colorado Springs and they will not leave the state to bond someone out. When I called the actual jail and asked what could be done, they replied with, “Just come to the jail and give us 5000 dollars cash and we’ll release her.”  I love her very much and if I had that kind of money she would not have spent a night in there. The jail also told me that in the state of Texas they have up to 90 days to even give her a court date. So there she waits in county jail in a state that’s not home, without a court date, without a light at the end of the tunnel. Dawn has always been a good girl. Never been in jail, I done think she’s ever even seen the inside of a police department and none of us have any idea what’s going to happen. And being so far away she gets no visitors or support. I finally downloaded an app they let me set up a video visitation through my phone. There of course was a fee but it was great to see her.  If anything she’s being so strong but she’s scared and so am I. Just to know my bestfriend got arrested and is being held for something that’s not even illegal where we live. That and there’s nothing anybody can do. It’s painful to watch. I can’t imagine what she is going through, what she’s thinking, how she’s sleeping.  I have to do something, I can’t just let her rot away down there.  I was googling different stuff on the internet and your page popped up. I read a few of your articles. I’m not sure if you guys can help but maybe you could pass the story along to someone that can. I don’t know what else to do. I want my friend back home, in Colorado where she belongs.  Can someone please help?

    If there’s any information you know of that would help or even the right direction to take this, please let me know ASAP! Thank you soo much for taking the time to read this.

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