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Polish Activists Smoke Marijuana In Front Of Parliament

February 17th, 2012
​A prominent politician and several other activists have smoked marijuana in front of the Polish Parliament as part of their campaign to legalize cannabis in the Eastern European country.With police looking on, Janusz Palikot, the head of the left-wing Palikot's Movement, took a few tokes from a joint under falling snow on Friday to make his point, reports the Associated Press. Dozens more gathered around a platform where they smoked cannabis and chanted "Grow It, Smoke It, Legalize It."At the center of the rally was a banner showing a green marijuana leaf and the word "Legalize." The smell of burning cannabis was heavy in the chilly air during the demonstration, which took place across the street from the Sejm, the lower house of Parliament.Palikot had last month promised to smoke marijuana inside the Parliament building, but backed down after threats of arrest and merely lit some cannabis-scented incense.Palikot was later threatened with a year in jail for even talking about smoking a joint inside Parliament. Continue reading "Polish Activists Smoke Marijuana In Front Of Parliament" >

Polish Lawmaker Stands Up for Marijuana Rights

January 20th, 2012

Earlier today, Polish lawmaker and philosopher Janusz Palikot announced that he was going to smoke a joint in Parliament to kick off a campaign to make marijuana possession legal in Poland. Right now, police have the choice of arresting people or simply ticketing them for possession of small amounts of marijuana. Palikot wants all penalties removed, and he is willing to walk the walk.

Don’t you wish we had politicians like this in the United States?

This plan did not sit well with fellow MP and speaker Ewa Kopacz, who immediately informed the prosecutor of Palikot’s plan.

That sounds a little more like what we’re used to over here.

The prosecutor’s reaction was also pretty familiar to those who have experienced the workings of marijuana prohibition. Even though the joint that Palikot ended up lighting was not even marijuana but some sort of cannabis incense (hopefully not the synthetic cannabinoids like K2 or Spice we’ve all been hearing so much about), he could be charged simply for talking about smoking real marijuana. Apparently in Poland, it is illegal to advertise or promote the substance, which the prosecutor alleges is what Palikot did today. He could face up to a year in prison for this act of political theater.

This sort of reaction definitely sounds familiar, and it came as no surprise to Palikot:

“I want to condemn the hypocrisy concerning marijuana consumption,” Palikot told reporters. “Someone said they would smoke a joint in parliament and the reaction was tantamount to someone announcing a coup d’etat.”

Poland is one of several European countries that are reviewing their drug laws and taking steps to soften their marijuana policies. Most recently, lawmakers in Copenhagen, Denmark introduced a bill that would allow for possession and sales of marijuana within certain areas of the city


Polish MP Could Get A Year For Even *Talking* About Smoking A Joint In Parliament

January 20th, 2012
​The leader of an up-and-coming new left-wing political party in Poland threatened to light up a joint in Parliament on Friday -- but ended up just burning what he said was cannabis-scented incense after being reported to prosecutors.The prosecutors have opened an investigation into whether MP Janusz Palikot broke a Polish law against "promoting or advertising" drugs with his threat to smoke cannabis in Parliament, according to news agency PAP. That's a crime that could carry a prison sentence of up to a year, reports Vanessa Gera of the Associated Press. Continue reading "Polish MP Could Get A Year For Even *Talking* About Smoking A Joint In Parliament" >

Lawmaker To Smoke Joint In Poland’s Parliament Friday

January 17th, 2012
A Polish lawmaker plans to test his country's new marijuana decriminalization law -- by firing up a joint in Parliament.​MP Janusz Palikot has announced he plans to share a joint in the Parliament building on Friday as part of a campaign to legalize marijuana in Poland.The ultra-liberal Palikot's Movement Party will be using civil disobedience to test laws introduced in December that gave prosecutors a choice on whether to charge individuals who are found to be in possession of "soft drugs" for personal use, reports Continue reading "Lawmaker To Smoke Joint In Poland's Parliament Friday" >