Wisconsin split on decriminalizing marijuana

He calls marijuana a gateway drug to harder substances, saying “it’s a big jump between someone having a beer and smoking marijuana.” And his fellow Republicans who control the state Legislature maintain there is not enough support among their ranks for changing the law.


Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal In Oregon

Recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon as of today. People 21 and older can now possess up to an ounce of pot when away from home and up to 8 ounces at home. It’s also legal to grow up to four plants per household.


Ohio Legislature Strikes Back Against Marijuana Legalization Bid

A campaign to legalize marijuana in Ohio took a step closer to making November’s ballot Tuesday, after its promoters turned in more than twice the required number of signatures.

But the measure will face competition at the polls. Ohio legislators also approved their own ballot measure on Tuesday to undermine the pot plan, which lawmakers worried would amount to a “marijuana monopoly” because of its provision that only 10 growers would control the wholesale pot market.


Gov. Jindal signs bills that reform criminal penalties, medical marijuana access

Gov. Bobby Jindal on Monday signed two bills that in one year represent more progress on reforming marijuana laws than the state has made in the 24 years since legalizing medical marijuana in 1991.

In the case of one of the bills, which would set up a framework for dispensing marijuana for medical purposes (SB 143), it will make Louisiana the first state in the South to make marijuana available for a wide range of chronically ill patients. The state passed medical marijuana legislation in 1991, but never set up a framework for how the state would cultivate, prescribe or dispense the drug.


Springfield Inundated by High-grade Marijuana from Colorado

Narcotics investigators in Springfield say the city is seeing an influx of higher-grade marijuana from states where the drug is legal, particularly Colorado.

Dan Banasik, a Missouri State Highway Patrol supervising sergeant for narcotics, said the more potent drug has driven up prices for the drug, the Springfield News-Leader reported. A few years ago, undercover narcotics officers could by a pound of marijuana from a dealer for about $1,000, but now that same undercover operation would cost about $6,000.


State Marijuana Laws Complicate Federal Job Recruitment

It may now be legal in Colorado, in Washington State and elsewhere to possess and smoke marijuana, but federal laws outlawing its use — and rules that make it a fireable offense for government workers — have remained rigid. As a result, recruiters for federal agencies are arriving on university campuses in those states with the sobering message that marijuana use will not be tolerated.