Washington State Tightens Its Law on Medical Marijuana

Nearly two decades after voters passed a medical marijuana law that often left the police, prosecutors and even patients confused about what was allowed, Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill on Friday that attempts to clean up that largely unregulated system and to bring it in line with Washington’s new recreational marijuana market.


Colorado businessman blames ‘stoned’ workers for move to SC

A Colorado man who moved his business to South Carolina says the state’s decision to legalize pot has left him with a stoned labor pool. When workers at his Colorado business went to pot, Mark Brawner said it was enough for him to roll out of the Rockies and head for South Carolina.


Illinois House moves toward decriminalizing marijuana possession

The Illinois House approved a measure April 23, 2015, that would penalize possession of small amounts of marijuana with a fine instead of arrest. Low-level cannabis possession, of up to 15 grams or less, would be treated more like a traffic ticket: no court time and a fine of up to $125.


Medical marijuana in Alabama is dead: Key senator says state not ready

Medical marijuana supporters held a rally outside the Alabama State House on April 22, 2015 prior to a Senate Judiciary Committee on legislation to allow physicians to prescribe medical marijuana. The bill received a favorable report in committee. Was it all for nothing? Medical marijuana legislation won a small victory in an Alabama Senate panel on Wednesday,…


Cannabis edibles now available for pets

Most of us have heard the claims that marijuana edibles help ailing humans, but the latest product to hit the market claims it does the same for pets. With just a click, dog and cat owners can now purchase capsules, biscuits, and other cannabis edibles as natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatory supplements. The purchase and…