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Marijuana Dispensary Lead Generator Enters WA and CT

May 29th, 2012, a lead generation tool for cannabis providers and dispensaries, has launched CannCast Bundles as a way for dispensaries to request multiple new medicines with a single button

CannCast Now Includes Marijuana Concentrates And Infusibles

February 20th, 2012
​, which provides medical marijuana provider-to-dispensary connections, has now added cannabis concentrates and infused products to their website. By expanding their service, CannCast said it "aims to streamline getting these important medicines to the patients that need them."The service allows medical marijuana providers to list what they have available, dispensaries to list what their patients are requesting, and both parties to search by strain. By easily connecting providers with dispensaries which actually need their medicine, CannCast says it greatly decreases wasted time and effort on both sides.Previously, the site had focused only on cannabis flowers. Now, it can be used by providers of concentrates and infused products, too. Continue reading "CannCast Now Includes Marijuana Concentrates And Infusibles" >

Website Aims To Connect Marijuana Dispensaries & Growers

October 3rd, 2011
​How can medical marijuana growers know which dispensaries need their strains? And how can dispensaries know which growers have what they need?This conundrum had frustrated Berkeley Patients Care Collective managers Erik Miller and David Bowers for 10 years. There was no reliable way for their medical cannabis dispensary to regularly get certain strains that patients needed. Waiting and wishing is sometimes all dispensary managers can do, while spending too much time with providers who don't have the strains or quality that they want. Continue reading "Website Aims To Connect Marijuana Dispensaries & Growers" >