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Man Accuses Cop Of Mistaking His Genitals For Marijuana

February 10th, 2012
...​Gets Busted AnywayA Georgia man is facing marijuana charges after a traffic stop on Interstate 85 just north of Lawrenceville.On the afternoon of February 3, Bryan Brown, 21, was stopped by a Gwinnett County Police officer for tailgating another vehicle, reports Kristi Reed at the Dacula Patch. The officer approached the passenger side window of Brown's car and claimed he detected the strong odor of marijuana. According to the police report, Brown "showed signs of nervousness," including shaky hands and an unsteady voice. Continue reading "Man Accuses Cop Of Mistaking His Genitals For Marijuana" >

Dispensary Asks CA Gov. Brown To Join Marijuana Petition

December 8th, 2011
​The Green Cross, San Francisco's first licensed medical cannabis dispensary, is urging California Governor Jerry Brown to join a federal petition to reschedule marijuana filed by Governors Christine Gregoire (D-WA) and Lincoln Chafee (I-RI).Since the petition was filed on November 30, Governor Peter Shumlin (D-VT) has signaled he also supports it. All three governors represent states that have adopted laws allowing the use of medical marijuana by qualified patients.Under the federal Controlled Substances Act, the U.S. government considers marijuana a Schedule I substance, a category reserved for dangerous drugs with a high potential for addiction and no medical value. Continue reading "Dispensary Asks CA Gov. Brown To Join Marijuana Petition" >

Medical Marijuana Bill Will Be Introduced In Alabama

November 17th, 2011
​An Alabama legislator is going forward with his bill that would legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, and he expects to pre-file the legislation within a week.Rep. K.L. Brown (R-Jacksonville) said on Wednesday that he had submitted the bill Monday to the state's Legislative Reference Service, reports Patrick McCreless at The Anniston Star. Lawmakers submit their legislation to that department before filing it in the Legislature.Brown said it should be about a week before he gets the revised bill back from the Legislative Reference Service."Hopefully I'll have it in a week and get it filed," he said.Brown's sister used cannabis medicinally to control her pain and nausea before she died of breast cancer 25 years ago, and the lawmaker said he sees the measure as a way to help many Alabamians who are in similar situations.Rep. Brown emphasized that his bill is in no way part of an effort to legalize marijuana completely in Alabama. Continue reading "Medical Marijuana Bill Will Be Introduced In Alabama" >