Cannabis Activist Network was started in 2010. We are a grassroots news site that seeks to inform cannabis activists worldwide with the latest news relevant to the cause. Throughout the years we have grown but we’ve always kept our mission: to spread information to a global audience.

We do this because we believe responsible adults should have a choice not only for medicine in the case of illness but also for recreation as an alternative to tobacco and alcohol. We operate independently out of our own pocket without having to conform to our investors because we believe citizens of the world should have a balanced view of the issues at hand.

The war on drugs has subjugated the world’s rights and sovereignty, broke up countless families and put communities at odds with their local law enforcement.

The flawed logic of the 20th century should not hinder our progress in the 21st century. Keep informed and stay vigilant. While we are seeing some progress, the truth is that the war on drugs is far from over. We are each agents of history and history is still in the making.