Marijuana Does Not Affect Brain Volume, Study Finds

Using marijuana does not cause changes in brain volume, a new study suggests.

Public health experts have cited concerns that using marijuana could be associated with structural changes in the brain. However, a new trial comparing the brains of marijuana users and non-users to their siblings reveals that marijuana use likely does not cause changes in brain volume.

Why Montana Is Going Backward on Medical Marijuana

The medical marijuana business in Montana boomed after voters legalized it in 2004. At one time, this state of only a million people had almost 30,000 patients and 4,900 providers.

But the industry has been crippled by state legislators and a determined grass-roots opposition. And a state Supreme Court decision coming as early as October could all but wipe it out.

Russian government regulator threatens to block Reddit over cannabis thread

The Russian government’s technology and internet watchdog is threatening to block Reddit across the country if it does not remove a thread dedicated to growing cannabis.

The federal service for supervision of communications, information, technology and mass media (Roskomnadzor) has taken to one of the largest social networks in Russia,, requesting the takedown, after it received no direct response from Reddit.

Cloverdale may rethink its ban on marijuana dispensaries

Cloverdale is reconsidering its ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in light of what the city manager describes as a “potential new political dynamic regarding marijuana.”

With predictions that California, like a growing number of states, will approve the recreational use of marijuana next year, Cloverdale City Council members on Wednesday are expected to establish an ad hoc committee to potentially revamp city policies about cannabis.

Nobody Knows What to Do About Pesticides in Legal Marijuana

The marijuana plant’s worst enemy is so small it’s practically invisible. On weed farms around the country, spider mites attack leaf cells one by one, sucking out chlorophyll like teeny tiny green vampires. If the mites kill enough cells, the whole plant is a goner—an expensive problem considering a single mature marijuana plant is worth as much as $4,000. That’s why more and more, farmers have turned to pesticides. Lots and lots of them.