Oregon To Begin Recreational Marijuana Sales Early

Oregon adults will be able to legally purchase recreational marijuana beginning Oct. 1, about a year earlier than had been expected.

Gov. Kate Brown (D) signed a law on Tuesday allowing the sale of recreational marijuana in existing medical marijuana dispensaries, starting just three months after Oregon’s reformed marijuana law went into effect.

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Marijuana legalization popular with NH voters

Pot politics is heating up on the presidential campaign trail.

The majority of New Hampshire voters, including most independents, favor the legalization of recreational marijuana and decriminalization of pot, according to a new WMUR Granite State Poll from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.


Senate Appropriations Committee Allows Marijuana Legalization to Move Forward in Nation’s Capital

A key Senate committee passed a bill today allowing the nation’s capital to establish regulated marijuana stores and let banks provide financial services to state-legalized marijuana dispensaries. These are just two of several marijuana reforms advancing in Congress. Meanwhile sentencing reform is gaining steam, and the U.S. is shifting towards treating drug use as a health issue instead of a criminal justice issue.


Group aims to outlaw most marijuana use in California

A group that opposes the legalization of marijuana said Wednesday that it has written a ballot initiative that would, for the most part, outlaw the drug.

The measure would do the opposite of six other measures being readied for the November 2016 ballot that would make recreational marijuana legal in California.


U.S. policy keeps medical marijuana research funding low

Certain chemicals in marijuana may kill cancer cells, shrink tumors and prevent the formation of blood vessels that feed tumors.

That’s the National Cancer Institute reporting findings from preclinical trials — the kind of research that typically leads to more in-depth testing.

But nearly a half-century ago the folks who write the checks for the cancer institute — the U.S. government — proclaimed marijuana a stoner-only drug and stamped it Schedule I, lumping it with heroin and LSD. That early war-on-drugs salvo cut the world’s biggest funder out of medical marijuana research.


Marijuana supporters unveil plans for California ballot initiative

The march to bring marijuana legalization before California voters in 2016 ramped up Thursday with the announcement by a group of longtime Bay Area cannabis advocates that they have hired heavy-hitting Democratic political strategists and plan to release a draft of the proposed initiative in the coming weeks.


Colorado board votes no on allowing medical marijuana for PTSD

The Colorado Board of Health voted 6-2 — amid shouts, hisses and boos from a packed house — not to add post-traumatic stress disorder to the medical conditions that can be treated under the state’s medical marijuana program.

The board voted Wednesday against the recommendation of the state’s chief medical officer.